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Thread: Feo and calibres

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    Feo and calibres

    I have
    22lr for target and vermin open ticket.
    223 for target and fox and any other lawful quarry open.
    308 serial number,deer stalking any other lawful quarry closed.
    308 target only
    357-38sp target only.

    I have put in for a variation for 6mmpc and want it for target, deer and fox,I reload and have the right twist to do so, If it goes to plan.
    Feo says you can't have two high powered rifles for deer,referring to the 308 and the 6mmpc. What are your thoughts on the matter.
    I'm with basc so that the next stop if no joy.
    I have a very good reason for both calibres fox, muntjac, cwd and roe with the 6mmppc and roe and larger plus goat and boar with the 308. That will then enable me to get rid of the 223.
    Cheers Albert

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    Your logic for asking for the 2 makes perfect sense and you should not have any problems.....

    at initial grant of my Fac I was granted .243 deer/aolq and .308 deer/aolq by Essex
    i now have 25-06 and .308 at the same time granted by Suffolk

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    Should be no issue, large deer and small deer.... Lots of folk have more than 2 deer rifles

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    6mm PPC is not sufficiently powerful for Deer as it is below 1700 ft lbs ME, should be OK for small deer though. As for more than one deer rifle, the second is a backup for faults or problems with you main rifle. Surrey don't seem to have an issue with that.
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    If you have justification for needing them then it shouldn't be a problem but i was told by essex that they wouldn't grant me a .204 along side a .220 swift as they were too similar although i had perfect reasons for acquiring it. They seem to be tightening up on what they will grant and in the end i decided not to pursue it as i didn't want the hassle and probably ultimately as much as it would have been nice to have had it, I can get by without it. I think maybe in your case, there is a little crossover with the .223 but with some load development, i think the 6mm ppc can just make the 1700 ft lbs barrier so you could use that in your favour? Anyway, good luck and hopefully enjoy your new rifle, it's an awesome (hate that word) round. Atb.

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    am with fettes have 2 270 no problem

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    A.308 will kill a fox, roe etc why go for yet another calibre with the attached expense?

    surely you're not worried about meat damage on fox, and .308 placed in the right spot, having stalked close enough will limit damage yet deliver a humane kill?

    ill wait to be shot down, but I tend to look fairly simplistically at things!

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    I think the granting of different calibre's by Feo's is a bit of a lottery and is partly dependant upon which force your are applying to and even down to individual Feo's in the same force (which shouldn't be the case). There is often little in the way of continuity.

    A friend put in for a 308 and 243, both for deer and AOLQ, wanting the 243 for the smaller species of deer (and fox) and the 308 for the larger species of deer and wild Boar. (both perfectly logical).

    He was granted the 308 for deer and AOLQ, but denied the 243 for this purpose....but he COULD have a 243 for target shooting only!.... Makes no sense to me at all, (try finding non expanding ammo in 243 for target shooting)...I advised him to argue against this decision... I have both 243 and 308 for Deer and AOLQ and come under the same force????

    I have successfully helped to argue the case for a friend having two 243's . One rifle was fitted with a normal daylight scope and another was to be used in conjunction with a night vision scope for foxing. After repeated rejection (for no good reason) the Firearms department finally relented and granted another 243.

    The BASC incidentally, of which we are both members, was of absolutely no help with this matter and told me that my friend was unlikely to be successful with getting another 243 and so wouldn't intervene.

    It does pay to be persistent in my opinion and be prepared to argue your case if necessary.
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    You are effectively asking for less than you already have. But it could be argued that you already have a small calibre for fox, muntjac and CWD with the .223. 6mm is generally not recognised as a Roe deer legal calibre with standard loads and is therefore no different than the .223. If you asked for a .243 you would probably be better placed, as it definitely covers all smaller deer in the eyes of the law and you could argue that you wanted to use a smaller rifle when possible to be safer and reduce meat damage.
    If you ask for a one-for-one variation to swap the .223 for the 6mm then there shouldn't be an issue and it won't cost any money either.

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    Remember in law what you are required to do is provide a good reason, this does not preclude having 2 rifles with overlapping ability, e.g as others have said .243 for smaller deer/foxes and .308 for larger deer/boar. Be prepared to stand your ground and argue for what you want. Good luck.

    atb Tim

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