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Thread: Ammo disappointment and surprise

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    Ammo disappointment and surprise

    Tested 3 ammo types today in the new steyr .243. Prvi 90g soft point gave 1/2 inch at 120 yards hornady 75g superformance gave 3 holes touching and federal vital shok 70g gave a 1.5 inch group. The 12 federal I still got ill keep as a test zero round in case I knock the scope lol. Does anyone have experience of fox shooting with soft point ammo as id rather spend 10 a box of ammo than 33 lol


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    Yes, rifle went bang, fox fell down dead!

    this was with .308 150gn soft point ammo but I'm pretty sure if you hit a fox in more or less the right place with your ppu ammo it will do a good job!

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    The fox dosent know the difference! Crack on.

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    Anything sub 2in at any useful distance is adequate to safely and humanely hit the kill zone. Obviously the better the group the more confident you can feel. SP ammo is fine for the job and Prvi has accounted for much murder and mayhem from various rifles on various species for me over quite a period of time. +1 again to crack on......
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    I use a .22 Hornet with 44grn cast bullets cost buttons and the fox doesnt know the differance, good for about 150 yds as long as i do my bit

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    Thanks lads. That'll do then ill use the Hornady up them get a load of ppu soft points. Bargain at 10 a box I reckon

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    +1 on the foxes don't seem to mind SP. I've never had one complain.
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    I got on well with the 55g .223 ones but I've had three long runners with the .308 150g ones. I mean, they were dead, don't get me wrong but it is handy to not have to track down dead foxes in the middle of the night lol.

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    Cheers gents. I'll certainly give them a good go. I've always used ballistic tips but when I can get these at 10 a box it's a hell of a saving.

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    I use both PPU and Sako 25-06 and there is no noticeable difference in the accuracy (both <1moa) or terminal effect between the two of them. I'd buy PPU exclusively if I could find it in more places.

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