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Thread: S&B 30mm tube and inch tube

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    S&B 30mm tube and inch tube

    Hi is there much difference in them I'm after a 8x56 for foxing, also whats you choice of reticle for fox shooting on the S&B I'm hopefully going to try and get illuminated. Cheers in advance.
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    Texas heart shot every time

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    i beleive some say the 30mm has more internal adjustment---,

    i have a Docter 8x56 which has the illuminated dot and its excellent on old charlie,



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    I have had both.

    You will not notice any difference at all between 30mm and 1". None whatsoever.

    Don't bother with illuminated reticule - adds expense and things to go wrong. The S&B 8X56 is more than good enough in low light not to need it. I've shot foxes by moonlight, lamp off, with one.

    Either 4a or 7a reticule will do perfectly.

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