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Thread: .308 ammo choice.

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    .308 ammo choice.

    Hi all,

    i'm fairly new to deer stalking, but not guns. My dilemma is which is the best all-round .308 round to cater for everything, from muntjac to big red?

    i am relying on the experienced members to guide me here; initial thoughts are Sako Gamehead 123g, or Super Hammerhead 150g.

    Rifle gets collected next week!

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    I used to use (before reloading) federal powershock 150gn, they pretty much knocked everything down moderately quickly with acceptable meat damage.

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    No such thing as the best all-round .308 round to cater for everything, from muntjac to big red. However you won't go far wrong with Sako 150 grn Hammerhead.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Buy some ppu 150gr SP ammo. If you rifles likes it then shoot it with confidence. If it looks like a shotgun pattern buy a different type of 150gr SP until you find one that works. The common theme is 150gr Soft Point. Big and slow often more effective. Remember it is where the bullet hits that kills not the type of bullet.


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    The best round is the one which is most accurate in your particular rifle.

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    308 is normally not so fussy with ammo. I use 150gr as a minimum and mostly 165-170gr. Most soft point or fused bullets will do the job, just find a cartridge that likes your rifle.

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    123 grain sako game head I use it on roe and fox.

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    Thanks everyone, much appreciated

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    I would advise against Sako 123gr for meat that you intend to eat (so not deer). It is accurate, and has a nice trajectory, but makes a really horrible mess, and can blow up without penetrating at short range.

    A 'standard' 150gr, like the Federal Powershok, will work very well across the board.

    If you're willing to pay a little more, the 150gr ballistic tips done by Federal and Norma are excellent. The both use Nosler BTs, and appear to be ballistically identical. They're wonderfully accurate and very effective. Despite being BTs, they don't do too much damage, even on roe.

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    Federal Fusion 150grn are good.

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