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Thread: Flight cases for rifles?

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    Flight cases for rifles?

    I'm going to be hunting in South Africa and Scandinavia this year, so I'm going to be flying with rifles for the first time. What do the forum's frequent flyers recommend as the best baggage handler-proof case for their precious rifles and scopes? I've been using a budget hard case from my local RFD for a while in the UK but wouldn't trust it to stand up being slung on and off luggage conveyors.

    I've been looking at the Peli Cases (the 1720 is the best fit) but they are really heavy - although look to be indestructible. Mike Norris recommended the Starlight cases but I can't seem to find a UK supplier or price. Also, what kind of foam is best - the usual 'eggbox' type of the high density stuff with individual cut outs for your kit (although at 150 for bespoke cutting, it's going to be a DIY job!)

    Any thoughts? Any favoured suppliers?



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    For what it's worth...

    I have a Blaser complete with the Blaser case for it and it has made a number of flights in this case with no problems. However, after the baggage handlers managed to destroy a metal rod tube on me last year I decided that something more robust was necessary.

    A friend who builds flight cases agreed to construct a flight case designed for my rifle and to keep the whole lot under the 12kg additional baggage allowance that Easyjet give you when carrying sporting firearms. Keeping the weight of the flight case plus the rifle under 12kg proved a little tricky but in the end he was successful and the case, while not looking especially pretty, turned out to be a good job and feels rather more robust than my Blaser case. It has cut outs specially for my rifle components and is very compact plus there is no indication that it holds a rifle. It looks very like some cases I've seen for bagpipes and as it mostly flies back and forth to Scotland I tell anyone who asks that it is for my bagpipes.

    The Peli cases look great but are rather large and heavy and it was mostly the weight factor that drove me to a custom solution. It may be that there is someone local to you who constructs flight cases and who might take the project on. It will probably not be inexpensive but if done right then it should offer a good solution.

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    Adam, we did this subject pretty well on this thread:

    Summary: Peli is excellent, but too big and heavy. You need to consider what will fit in the car at the other end. If you don't have a take down rifle: Blaser, Sauer, Mauser '03, think about getting your conventional rifle bedded and shipping it disassembled, re-assemble and check zero at the other end.

    A rifle case that does not look like a rifle case is a big bonus also.

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    Ive travellled several times to Europe with target rifles.

    I have two Peli 1750's which cover all my needs - yep the Peli is heavy, but when the rifle and scope are worth several K each I want the best protection there is.

    If there;s a baggage excess (and Ive yet to be stung with it) I will pay no issue.

    On the matter of Starlight;

    Graham Clark is an agent, decent chap to deal with

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    Hi Adam,

    Riflecraft do some crackers, give them a ring for details. I dont own one but know a chap who does, he takes his gun to canada once every couple of months, and he reckons its the best one about.

    I havent flown with a rifle yet, but take my .243 on the train quite a lot. Normally in an AIM dragbag, if people ask its my banjo- and I play bluegrass! Only the public that is, if its somone important asks, I tell them what it is, and show FAC asap!

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    I brought a Rapier alloy and composite single rifle case back in 2003 and it has a few scars but the rifle was fine. Now I see it's the same as the Winchester ones and they do a doubel rifle case:-

    The Sportsman advertises them.

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    I use a breakdown Mauser MO3 and have had zero problems in the same case as is branded as Mauser, Sauer, Blaser.

    Luggage handling systems at airports are shiffting units around at 45 MPH so you have to expect some damage.


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    Try Machine Mart

    I got one for my trip to Estonia. It's bulky, but safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post
    I use a breakdown Mauser MO3 and have had zero problems in the same case as is branded as Mauser, Sauer, Blaser.

    Luggage handling systems at airports are shiffting units around at 45 MPH so you have to expect some damage.

    Having watched the baggage apes throw cases from the top of the ramp to the tarmac below at Cincinnati International Airport it's no surprisiing that cases get damaged. Also having lived next door to London Gatwick for most of my life one gets to kow the total disrespect and disregard that these said apes have for others belongings.

    Like the idiots who dropped a crated re-built jet turbine engine off the forks whilst loading it through the hold doors and instead of reporting it the just scooped it up and out it in the hold. Of course it was no good and the aircraft which was stranded due to some engine problem had to wait while another was found and shipped out ot be fitted. of course if they reprimanded them or god forbid got rid of them for being totaly stupid, cauing damamge through being negligent and useless then no doubt there would be a strike or a court case .

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    Whatever you use - consider a soft rectangular 'gunmat' bag as a liner rather than foam.

    Get to the other side - leave the hard case chained somewhere securely, while your rifle is now protected as normal whilst hunting.

    Your hard case makes for a great place to stow passport / cash / tickets whilst in camp.



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