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Thread: Wanted: Leupold EFR, Sightron 10x42 or reparallaxed Swaro/S&B Fixed Mag.

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    Wanted: Leupold EFR, Sightron 10x42 or reparallaxed Swaro/S&B Fixed Mag.

    Looking for a new scope for 0.25 FAC Air, ranges 20m to 60m.

    PM if you have anything suitable.

    Needs to better quality glass than Bushnell 6500 which I have recently sold.

    So shortlist in order of preference:

    #1 Meopta Tactical Scopes with adjustable paralax and target turrets
    #2 Sightron S3 10x42 MD
    #3 Leupold EFR 6.5-20x40
    #4 Leupold EFR 3-9x33
    #5 Meopta 8x56 4B ret reparallaxed for 40m or so

    If you have any of these PM me
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    there is a sightron big sky11 6x42 on the BeeBeeS airgun site for not a lot of money , about 160 iirc



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    Thanks Craig, not on the BeeBeeS, but will have a look.

    Really after the 10x42 S3, just not prepared to pay the rip off UK price of 560GBP when it is 500 USD in US.


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    Does anybody have experience of using a Meopta Artemis 7x50 or 8x56 MeoPro at shortish ranges, say 40m ?

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    Hang in there for an EFR.

    Every time I raise the one on my 22 rimfire I'm amazed at how clear and bright the optics are. Similarly, the ability to crank the parallax down to as close as 10m for pin sharp viewing is a delight at 20 power.

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    Slightly prejudice against Leupold Klenchblaize, but you seem to like nice toys so I will heed your advice.

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    I had an Artemis 7x50, I reparralaxed it in the end for use on the airgun. Lovely scope though!


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