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Thread: .204 Moderator which one to buy

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    .204 Moderator which one to buy

    I hope to pick up my .204 in a few weeks time. Any suggestions to the best lightweight moddy to fit to it?

    Also nay views on the latest wildcat moddys?


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    I'm using a Roedale Delta proofed for a 22/250 on mine, works very well.

    I'd like to try on of the overbarrel DPT's, they are getting good reviews.

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    See if you can try someone who has one locally first ! I bought a Cmm4 to replace a S5, But the Rifle would not group with the light weight and went back to the S5

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    I got the wildcat evolution on my heavy barrel t3 .204, they do a .204 specific one but I ordered the .223 rated diffuser so with a change of thread bridge I can use it on both foxing rifles. Had it for about a month now and am very happy with it, not too heavy, good sound reduction and easy to clean all for just under 200 quid.

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    Thats good to know as was considering Pex my two old wilcat 8's for 2 new wildcats, or just one as it will go on the .204 and .243.


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    I use a 223 wildcat and it works a treat. The joy of the 204 is shooting at range so you will always be off sticks or bipod so using a lightweight mod makes no sense. Go for the one with best attenuation, easiest to clean and service and gives good accuracy. IMHO


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