Guys I just wanted to make a post to highlight the way I was treated by leica recently.
just over a year ago I bought a set of leica 10*42 geovid laser binos second hand.The guy had lost his warrenty card but They were immaculate,worked perfect and were a good price so I bought them even though I had no warrenty,they were allready a year old at this stage.a couple months ago I noticed they were not ranging as well in bright conditions at longer range,then all of a sudden they were struggling to range past 600m.I put this down to needing a battery,I changed the battery but things got worse, suddenly I was struggling to range past 300m.these binos used to range deer and rocks past 1000m with no probs.
I emailed leica in germany and the following morning received an email back with a shipping label for UPS to ship it to Leica in germany for free! A week later I got an email saying they would repair the binos for free,no questions asked ,just straight up we will fix them FOR FREE!! today just over 3 weeks since they left me I received a box back ,when I opened it I was stunned.,inside was a brand spanking new set of binos with a letter stating a replacement swapping my binos for a new set.I have emailed them and thanked them again for such brilliant customer care.
Just thought Id share this with you guys,Iv owned other Leica lasers and thought they were all top notch,this was the first time I had a problem with something from them and I honestly was ****ting it at the thought of an expensive repair cost as these are an expensive item.To say Im stunned at the way Leica just straight up said send them to us(for free) and we will sort it (without a mention of asking for my warrenty card/number ect) is an understatement.Great to see a company treating customers like this.