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Thread: meindl dovre cleaning inside

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    meindl dovre cleaning inside

    have rencentley bought some meindl dovre boots. i know to use the meindl products on the outside but i can remember reading somewhere that i need to soak the inside of the boot to clean it every so often? what product do i use as i don't want to damage the leather or gortex?


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    Probably the one said manufacturer has dreamt up to undertake this questionable approach to boot longevity.

    If they get a soaking from a surprise encounter with a peat bog I would simply hose them out and allow to dry slowly. Hell, it's not as if we are going to walk down a red carpet or go clubing in them!

    At the end of the day they are outdoor boots.

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    I wash mine out with the larder hose done me fine

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    Pressure washer usually works for me and once dry a good dose of wax

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    As has already been said clean water from hose inside if required let dry good wax on outside is all mine have had not let me down yet had some fairly rough treatment over the past 5 years...

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