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Thread: .308 rifle

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    .308 rifle

    As above guys I've just got my ticket back for a .308 so I'm after a rifle. It will mainly be used at bisley and the odd boar trip as I have a 6.5x55 for deer stalking. So if your thinking of selling one drop me a PM. I have a slot for a mod as well but not fussed if it's screw cut or not



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    I've got a .308 tikka 590 blued with nice wooden stock it comes with 30 & 1" optilock rings RCBS full die set a few hundred cases Lapua,RWS and others and nearly 600 bullets which are Barnes and Sierra game king.It is topped off with a Docter 8x56 illuminated dot reticule (LP4) and Bikini cover. Reason for sale is I just don't use it enough as I tend to favour my 7mm-08.
    I would prefer to sell the whole set up but would consider selling the rifle only.


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