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Thread: Master's degree + full time work... Panic!

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    Master's degree + full time work... Panic!

    Has anyone on here done a Master's degree whilst working full time? How did you get on?

    I start in about 3 weeks and am starting to get nervous! It's in the evening so it's going to be very tough I expect...

    Ot oh, spaghetti O

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    yes. I did a second (law) degree part time and am finishing my MBA..all while working. Not gonna lie, it is challenging, such as the sacrifices you have to make with time. You also get out what you put it.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks... Oh dear... It's cold feet time haha but I got chartered whilst working so I'm no stranger to it...

    Did you find you were missing many lectures because of work or did you manage to make most of them?

    Luckily I have support at work to help out too!


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    I did my additional studying with the OU, so all the content is on line, in material sent or the lectures are at weekends, you just have to put in the effort to do it. The masters is a combination of the above, plus week long residential schools.
    i have just started a fourth degree (or second masters) in regulatory science, which is delivered by the uni of Hertfordshire. With this, you pick your modules which have an intense 3 days then go and do the essays. Because I am self employed, I have made it work for me. I would expect that if a organisation is paying for you to do it, they must be supportive of the time it takes. I was sent on a management development program about 5 years ago, delivered through a university business school and was permitted to take time to go on lectures and to research a project.
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    Ah interesting... We are doing slightly different things then.. My employer isn't paying for it yet, although I'm trying to convince them of course

    It's a 15 ish month intensive for me... Twice a week in the evening at Uni and then the rest at home / work.

    Luckily it's the field I work in so like I say I will have brain power support at the office.

    Good luck with your degree.


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    It is draining working and uni

    I did a masters degree in engineering maths about 6 years ago and I was also paying for a lecturer to come around my house to help me with the bits I didn't understand and I used him for 2 years twice a week at 25 an hour

    I done it all and past and eventually it all sunk in but I wouldn't have done it without the extra support of a paid lecturer

    i was glad to finish that's for sure

    dont be afraid to ask for help on stuff you don't understand that's why many people give up as they are embarrassed to ask for help as they think people will laugh at them because they don't no it

    thats is why we are learning because we don't no

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    I did an M Sc in Transportation whilst working - with everything else and working full-time it was hard. A bit of advice, dont get behind with coursework, if you have any, I spent 3 weeks from 8.00 Pm until I couldnt concentrate (usually about 2.00 am) writing up and analysing results - then a further number of weeks reading typed drafts as the whole and a thesis, had to be bound for submission. The exams werent too bad but the coursework and thesis were a nightmare, sorry I mean challenging. Keep up to date and you'll be fine. One consolation, I was one of the few who had the qualification then and it made a big difference. MBA is a must have these days but in my view rather overrated as 'management' is empathy and common sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roodles View Post
    Has anyone on here done a Master's degree whilst working full time? How did you get on?

    I start in about 3 weeks and am starting to get nervous! It's in the evening so it's going to be very tough I expect...

    Ot oh, spaghetti O
    Just get your head down and get it done! I finished mine this summer (also this year we bought a house and had a baby!) and managed it by changing my attitude towards the books. At undergrad, studying daily was pretty much optional - there was always plenty of time to catch-up / cram before exams. At MSc (when working FT) all your study time is needed, very tough to catch up if you drop a ball...
    I treated it like a second job - there was no option, it just had to be done.

    It's only 15 months - keep busy and it'll fly by. Be worth it in the end!


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    Thanks all... !

    Wow a baby... Not sure how you managed that but to you sir! The MSc is in my current field... Well, sort of, so I am hoping that it will be less of a drop in the deep end than it could be!


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    I'm currently half way through a 2 years masters degree, whilst working full time and doing 1 night in 3 on call!

    Quite dooable, but does need commitment. I work best late at night/early hours.

    Mine has 8 residential weeks, 1 every quarter for the two years.

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