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Thread: Fox shooting video - Thought provoking?

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    Fox shooting video - Thought provoking?

    I've just watched this video and thought just how thought provoking it actually was!
    I've heard many a shooter say "The only good fox is a dead fox"! I personally (And maybe very contraversially) don't entirely agree with this line of thought. Don't get me wrong, I have no reservations about shooting a fox (Or any other pest species come to that). However, I will only shoot them if the landowner states that any fox I see on his land must be shot or if there is a reasonable risk of losses of poultry or small livestock but I will not go out and shoot a fox purely for the sake of shooting it!
    I have had many situations where farmers/landowners have lost poultry and small livestock and have asked me to "sort the rogue fox out", and I have had no reservations about doing just that! - Even if it has resulted in me having to go out on numerous days and nights to watch and observe in order to find out what the "rogue" foxes timetable and pattern of movement/routine was -Yes it can involve a lot of time and effort on my part but to me this is an important part of having the permission in the first place - Helping to protect the farmers/landowners interests! The way that I see it is that when we are given permission we are basically appointed (To a certain extent) as "custodians of that land"!
    Just like Mike Powell I believe that a great deal can be learned by just sitting and watching, and to me this is a big part of the pleasure of being out and about in the countryside, you can always learn or see something new rather than just going out and shooting everything (Legally shootable) that you see.
    In my opinion the video is well worth watching and listening to Mike Powells opinions then offering your points of view - Even if it does completely disagree with my thoughts and opinions!
    What are your thoughts?

    p.s. I should add that I can also see the other side of the coin where keepers etc who breed pheasants etc have a completely different (And justifiable) opinion of foxes as pheasants and other game birds (Especially young ones) make easy picking for foxes!

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    I think you're absolutely right about making shooting decisions based on a wide-ranging appreciation of any given situation, and that in a climate where fox shooting undertaken primarily for sport -albeit still in the name of pest control- is on the rise, Mr. Powell is also right to ask fox shooters to consider their motives and the place of their quarry in the natural habitat: after all, it is our creation of surpluses (poultry, pheasants, lambs, etc.) that makes them a problem.

    One of the things I really like about Fieldsports Britain is how it doesn't shrink from prompting discussion about important matters, and is prepared both to reflect quietly on matters of conscience, and robustly to defend activities such as commercial big game hunting in Africa and traditional Maltese hunting practices by first-hand factual reporting however strongly the tide of misinformation and ill-informed opinion in the mass and social media may be running.
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    Great video really enjoyed that.. Loved the impressions. Seems we all agree with Mike who incidentally is a member of this site about respecting the fox. All the murderers are on Facebook pages.
    One of the better fieldsportschanneltv articles.

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    Good video and very responsible attitude to fox shooting.
    Keep up the great work Mike.


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    Couldn't agree more not every fox needs to be killed
    Rgds mike

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