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    decoying stuff

    A few more things to go

    Mainly shot gun orientated

    My decoying gear. It's been a bit battered. Pigeons, some shells, some full some flocked some fuds. A few crows, an Eagle owl. a few decoys shot. There are a number of poles some rubbish, but at least 6 useable. A rotary with two batteries, two flapping Pigeons. A heavy duty spinning seat. 100 collected only. Basically I see it as buying the seat and the rotary and getting the rest for free, it will be a decent addition to a decoying set to fill in blanks!

    A barbour leather cartridge bag, if collected comes with shells in it approx 60 shells 40

    Jack Pyke game bag 15
    Cartridge belt camo 10

    Numerous shotgun cartridges not sure how many. If you are in need of shells and close by easily a couple of hundred 40

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    If you'll consider posting the owl and crow decoys I am interested. A ball ache to package but only about 6 via myhermes.

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