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Thread: Fedral Vital shok .270

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    Fedral Vital shok .270

    Hi. Just got back from the range and I was testing some fedral vital shok in the .270. Bullets were nosler accubond 140 grain. They grouped amazing for factory stuff.. had 2 in the same hole then one slightly to the right. My question is has anyone used these on deer? if so how did they preform? My gunsmith is getting rid of them at 15 a box! so i think i may well stock up if they are any good on the deer. Thanks, Mo

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    140gr Accubonds are the dogs nutz in 270 win. If your rifle shoots them, buy every round he has.

    I imported a biggish batch of 140gr Accubonds for reloading a few years ago, they cost a bloody packet. I can't remember the cost exactly, but 15/20 is 0.75 per round, doubt of you could hand load them for that price.

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    cheers claret for that. might just buy what he has.

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