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Thread: Bag Filler

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    Bag Filler

    I have just replaced my front bag rest with one that has come without any filling. Sods law meant that the new bag is probably 30% bigger than my old one.

    I did look on previous threads but the last time this was raised was in 2008 so wondering whether 7 years later there is something (glue pellets seem pretty expensive) that I can use to top up with. The eventual plan is to refill the old bag and give it to a friend.

    I don't normally use it in the rain but one can always be caught out with a sudden downpour, so not sure about rice/peas.

    Has anyone got a non sand suggestion?


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    I used cheap rice. You can always line it with a bin bag etc if you're worried about it getting wet.

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    Lead shot used to be favourite...until the price went through the roof! maybe a visit to Toys R'Us might see something useable? There used to be small plastic (not glue) pellets that makers of plastic items used to melt to make washing up bowls and the like. These might be still available?

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    I use cheap rice. It compacts well and holds it shape.

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    I have got cheap cat litter in mine ( unused ) and it works really well. Cheap too.

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    steel shot from the shot blasters yard if it's used it will be free.

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    Products - Dog-gone-good bags

    Don't skimp. Polypropylene beads all the way.

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    I really like these bags. They're very well made and well priced:

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    Another vote for kitty litter
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    I looked up a local plastics company in yellow pages, the kind that make plastic extrusions, car lights, mouldings, etc. Made a phone call, got a sack of plastic pellets that was gong to be skipped for a donation to the staff Christmas party. May be one local to your area. Good luck.


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