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Thread: The Bavarian has landed!

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    The Bavarian has landed!

    After a trouble free trip back from Mark & Alison's yesterday (Paint & Pins), Maximilian Zerno Cromwell - Max to his friends - has already made himself at home and appears to like the puppy chews that you can't get from Morrisons.

    At the moment he's wearing an oversized suit and appears to have borrowed boots that are a fair few sizes too big for him, but he's still a fine young fellow.

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    Absolutely beautiful, I am picking his brother up next weekend, Zerno Crackshot. Not yet chose a name for him!!
    I have a freezer full of those chews you cannot get from Morrison’s waiting for him.

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    Congratulations, IMHO you will not find a finer dog for blood spooring and companionship than a BMH. My dog Todd is now just over 4 years and I wouldnt be without him. Once they are trained it opens up a completely different world of stalking.



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    We picked his sister up yesterday from Alison and Mark , cant wait to get cracking training her, already showing promise she ignores everyone else and just follows me around
    Unfortunately she is as vocal as the rest of the females in the family (hope the wife doesnt read this)

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    They can be very vocal at home and love full attention and are very one person dogs. But they are a phenominal dog when it comes to working in the field. Much depends on how you train them, and what method you want to use to tell you when they have found a deer. Todd will report by barking and baying the beast if its still moving. If dead he will rag it and on command return.



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    Im not really thinking about what she does when she finds it yet,really going to concentrate on maing sure she finds it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After that well think about what to do

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    Well another has landed and making herself at home Zerno Celestine (Casca).
    Michelle Seb and I were greated by Alison and Mark and the intros over we had our first meeting with Cas in the garden with her brothers and sisters, mum floating around but Alison decided to take her inside but then was quickly trying to climb through a half open down stairs window and very nearly made it.
    I have never owned Bavarian or trained a tracking dog before but done quite a bit with Spaniels and Labs so Mark kindly gave me a few good tips to start and some valuable back ground info/guidance on the breed and how to start and develop her training.
    It was interesting to listen to Mark who as a very good depth of knowledge regarding Bavarian's and tracking.
    Then back down the road from the Borders to Lancashire.

    A few photos when we got back we are all so made up,

    P.S. Sorry Malc for waking you up thats you and Jayb in a fortnight


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    Thought I'd better add another one of the litter to list. This is Zerno Cherub - Heidi. We picked her up from Mark and Alisons the other week(thanks for the hospitality Alison), which gave us a seven hour drive back home. I have to say Heidi travelled back with no problems and is still treating being in a vehicle as second nature. She is small in frame and when we first met she was not the boldest in the litter, but very inquisitive, which is just what I was after. She is now becoming more and more confident every day and her boldness is increasing, but sticks to me like glue everywhere-perfect. Nothing seems to phase her, machinery sounds, bangs, people etc., all taken in her stride. Even in this grim weather, we're having great fun dragging liver around the garden and just intending to take things steady with her, not too much too soon. In future she will be working on Fallow, Roe and with caution, Muntjac.

    I should just give a mention to Pete Garraway from Deertrackers, who kindly let the wife and I visit him last year to have a really close look at the breed, and answer a lot of questions. It was he who kindly put us in touch with Mark & Alison (Paint & Pins). After a few talks we were put on the list for a pup, sadly missed out on the last litter, but were lucky this time. I cannot thank Mark & Alison enough for al their help and support, and although they bred the pup I am trying to avoid the word 'breeders' as they are much more than this. Their knowledge and passion for the breed, keeping the lines as pure as possible, and ethics behind everything they do is to be acknowledged. Talking to Mark, his knowledge on scent and tracking is priceless and I would like to thank him for his guidance when we met.
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    Tracking and Training

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