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Thread: 375 H&H mag cz 550 BUTT PAD

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    375 H&H mag cz 550 BUTT PAD

    Hi all looking for some help trying to find a good butt pad for this as it kicks like a mule any ideas of were to look for one that offers a good amount of padding or if any of u no of a good butt pad



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    Better question,,were you shooting it on the bench or prone? if yes, then shoot it standing off sticks like you would in the field, and you will find it's a's the stock design and drop at heel which does this of course. You can invest thousands in buttpads and recoil reducers, but it's not going to help you if you don't learn how to use the rifle 'right'.

    CZ's and BRNO's are notorious for recoil...yeah right! LOL,,,no, they're just not designed in the majority for shooting prone,,something which god knows why most stalkers insist on, tossing themselves in the dirt as soon as a beast shows..LOL.

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    Having been an owner of just such a rifle I totally know where you are coming from but also agree entirely with PKL, no recoil pad is going to make significant enough difference, shooting position is key as said already, and just don't overdo the range work as it will cause you to develop a flinch if you are finding it uncomfortable. I genuinely never noticed any difference with it compared to my .308 when actually shooting live game off sticks etc, it just went bang and the deer stopped what it was doing....
    people do often add some ballast to the stock which does work but you then make an already heavy gun something you'll never want to carry more than a very short distance.
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    Stick a moderator on it problem solved.
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    Or a sweet little, or maybe big, muzzle brake that doesn't look out of place on the barrel. I can imagine pietasvenatores spitting in disgust!!!! It does work though although I can't speak about using a rifle like that when you are lying down right enough.

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    I don't struggle with recoil on mine but as I'm restocking it right now so will finish it with an ISIS or kickeez leather covered of course.

    as other have said gun fit is important here and an ill fitting gun can siginifcantly increase felt recoil something the BRNO is known for.

    Muzzle brakes and moderators look out of place on these sorts of rifles IMHO but if you can't shoot it without one they serve a purpose.

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    I put a limbsaver on mine, as the original pad was shot, but like said previosly shoot it standing off sticks and it is not to bad, (still think short zeroing sessions are the answer)

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