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Thread: Unaccompanied Red & Sika Stag Stalking Caithness & Sutherland

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    Unaccompanied Red & Sika Stag Stalking Caithness & Sutherland

    Day tickets available on 10,000 acres of Forestry with some open hill.

    Various sites located between 1 and 2 hours North of Inverness.

    Must hold Level 1 and Insurance.

    100 per day.

    Dates available in September and October, email or PM to book.

    No time-waster's please, payment at time of booking required.

    Carcasses/Trophies can be retained.
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    Great offer on some of the best ground available, fantastic value for money.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks Gents..

    So many enquiries, I'm working through them slowly but common questions I can answer here:

    No hidden fees

    You extract and keep heads.. if you cant extract send us a map with location and we will do it but then retain carcass.

    These are good locations with lots of rides and deer areas.. great highseats

    You give me your dates.. if they are clear you pay.. I then send you maps and directions.. you send me your docs.. simple as that.


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    Very good offer there. Not picking any fault but just to clarify the point on carcass retention.
    You quote "Carcases/Trophies can be retained." Am I to take it that it's 100 per day and carcasses of animals shot are available to purchase? Or it's 100 per day and that includes any carcasses of animals shot?
    Only asking as it appears that the stalker would be entitled to the carcass unless he requires your help with extraction, which would result in you keeping carcass in lieu of help.
    Might just save some argument later in the day.
    Good luck.

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    Roger that.

    The 100 per day includes retention of the shot deer and the trophy.

    If however we have to go and recover it the cost of recovery will be more than the value of the deer so we will then retain the carcass but the trophy shall remain the property of the client.

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    With that being the case, your offer proves excellent value to a sucessful stalker. Had I not managed to obtain a syndicate place for this year I would have been straight onto you. I wish you and your clients the best of hunting this coming winter.

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    That is a great offer Glen, Im sure you will have a lot of happy stalkers.

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    Thanks mate, I've not booked it to heavy, just about to pull the pin on it though, I like 2 or 3 days between sites being visited. Hope all is well.

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