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Thread: Lee 3 Turret Press & 3 die set for .222

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    Lee 3 Turret Press & 3 die set for .222

    Looking for a 3 turret press (preferably Lee because Im cheap and they work ok) and dies to suit .222

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    i can do these if you wannna give us a bell 01263 732740
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    I cant seem to find it on the site. Can you pm me with a price please. I was hoping to get a second hand one but with our extra special SD discount Im sure itll be ok
    Some guy was saying the challanger kit would be better than the 3 turret for me but Id never use everything in the kit so itd be a waste of money for me. A guy from our club who reloads pretty much everything advise to go for the 3 turret..

    Im new to this reloading lark if you cant tell

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    a single satge press is what you want defintly not a 3 hole
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    Youll have to forgive me but why a single stage and not the turret?

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    I have the dies now but still looking for a press.

    Id really like to know why some people say a single and not a 3 turret and others say the other way around. Once I know the reasoning behind it I can make an informed decision rather than people offering opinions without explanation. Ho hum.

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    It might be that some worry that a turret press is not as accurate as a single stage due to the play noticeable at the turret. As you raise the ram with a case in, you can notice the turret move slightly, although you factor this in as you set up the dies. With a single stage the die is held rigidly providing more consistency.
    I have both types of press, but only use the single stage for de-priming with a universal die, while I use the turret press to load for four calibers with the dies set up on their own turrets. Nice and simple and no problems with accuracy.

    If you want to be seating your bullets to within a knats chuff off the lands, then you may want a single stage press, but any increase in accuracy is beyond my shooting skill level.

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    A Lee Turret press does have play in the fitting of turret to press. However it's liveable with as long as you understand the play is taken up as the ram is driven upward, so you can set dies up and achieve good average consistency in the ammunition you produce.

    While they are slightly quicker to set up, particularly as dies can be left in a turret and each turret swapped between cal/cartridge as required, a single stage press is by far better and in my opinion having used both types for long periods, very much easier to maintain close tolerances in die set up. Therefore capable of helping produce much more consistently good ammunition.

    Starting again, I'd buy single stage every time.
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    exactly that and well put
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