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Thread: 30mm rings for 34mm

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    30mm rings for 34mm

    I am looking to swap

    30mm Warne QD low mounts for 34mm Warne QD low mounts or similar.

    PM if you have a swap.

    thanks for your time.
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    Anyone got any 34mm mounts for sale or swap?.

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    I have a set of Badger 34mm rings which were fitted to my 5-25x56 Pm2, looking for 50 posted.



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    Are they Low mounts?.

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    They were as low as possible for a 56mm diameter lense. If your scope is smaller then you may wish to go lower but most 34mm scopes that I am aware of are all 56mm in diameter.

    I have sprayed the tops of the rings in matt black so they matched the colour of my scope. These are top quality rings and are index matched as pairs to avoid causing damage to your scope. See link below.

    I can email an image if your interested.



    Badger Ordnance 34mm 1.0" Steel Ring Set 306-14 for sale!

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    All sorted now, thanks for all PMs.

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