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    Buffalo Active Shirt

    Hi folks..

    Has anyone out there got any experience with the Buffalo Active Shirt? I like the look of the original Mountain shirt but, I think it'll be too warm for all but winter. So, I'm just wondering if the Active Shirt is any good and is it waterproof?

    Ta, cjs

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    No experience of the active, but have been using the special six for years. Fine for autumn, winter and spring as can be fully vented along each side.

    They are not waterproof and don't need to be as they dry so quickly.

    If you look at this video, it was pi55ing down but I was dry , warm and comfortable underneath. At their best when worn with nothing underneath or over the top.

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    Thanks for the info..


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    I have had one for a good while now, bought to go under a leather jacket.
    these days however it is mainly for fishing, not waterproof at all, but if you are active it
    will dry pretty much as fast as it gets wet, very good breathability, and fast drying.


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    Cheers Neil.


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