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Thread: Tight bolt closure

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    Tight bolt closure

    Hi all, hope some one can help.
    Fairly new to reloading.
    I have full length sized some once fired brass(not from my rifle) and when i try and close the bolt its really tight. i have used the die before with brass only fired in my rifle and they have always been fine.
    Caliber is .243 dies are hornady. The die has been setup as the instructions.
    Is it just a case of screw the die down another 1/4 turn??
    Any help would be great.

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    Have you checked the headspace of the unsized vs resized from the brass fired in the other rifle and vs brass fired from yours? It may be that your f/l die is not adjusted sufficiently and you are in effect neck sizing, this might explain why the brass fired in your own rifle is working ok.

    atb Tim
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    Screwing the die down a little more would be the most likely solution.
    Another possibility could be that the brass has become too long and may need the neck trimming. Max for .243 is 2.045 inches and trim to 2.035 inches.
    Check the overall length of the assembled cartridge against one that fits, ideally a factory load.

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    Hello R Judd. All of the above makes perfect sense. A properly adjusted die should force the brass to conform with the average chamber.

    One thing regarding previously fired brass - and if you are not sure if they have been used more than once, is as rightly said, brass 'flows' to the shoulders then to the neck.
    Now this will result eventually in the neck becoming too long - as has already been said.
    In extreme forms of this situation the neck can become so long that it protrudes into the leede and if the leede reaming of your chamber is on the tight side, the brass around the bullet at the most forward point might be getting forced into the tight leede, in fact producing a plug effect and therefore liable to raise the chamber pressure.

    Reloading is safe and simple. Even the basic old mallet-type pocket die sets from Lee included a neck length reaming device. Just be wary about obtaining used brass if not from a known and trusted source.

    So, relax, take all of the above advice by the other subscribers and do make sure that your overall case length complies with that to be found in any reliable reloading manual.
    One last thought - with your rifle in a safe place, chamber and extract every reload for ease of use before going out into the field for target or stalking use.
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    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    Thanks for the above. I should have said that the previous rounds that have been used were loaded by me using the same dies. The only thing that has changed is the brass. After sizing the brass i checked to see if they needed trimming using the lee trimming tool and they didnt need it.
    I did assemble 6 rounds and 2 of those 6 chambered fine. The overall length of the rounds matched the previous load.
    (I maybe wrong) i am thinking that the shoulder just hasnt been bumped back enough??

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    where is the brass showing brightening or witness marks?

    if you cant see any smoke a case with a candle and chamber carefully.
    may show up your problem

    might be a stupid question but are you sure your die is set up correctly?
    depending on the die screwing it down further may have no effect if it is already bottomed out on the shell holder and the press is "camming over"
    in my experience almost all problems stem from die set up.

    ideally you want to die set up so that the case just chamber

    when you set it up do so with the rifle next to you
    keep screwing down an 1/8th turn and resizing until the case chamber without effort, then lock the die there.

    only move on to prime, charge and seat bullets when that has been set and established

    what seating die?
    are the bullets flat base?
    can you see any neck or shoulder deformation from the seating?

    post back when you find the issue

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    I will have a look when i get in from work. I hope that it is the die thats not setup correctly.
    I have sized 200 cases and primed so it is a lesson leared to check a little more after each stage. All a learning curve is supose.
    Thanks for the replies and will post my findings later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r judd View Post
    ) i am thinking that the shoulder just hasnt been bumped back enough??
    Hence my advice for checking the headspace, have checked using a headspace gauge?

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    I havent checked the headspace as i havent got a guage but due to this issue will be buying one.

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    All the brass looks fine no deformation.
    Bullets are 65 vmax.
    I already have the load worked up and it shoots superb with no issues at all until i got this once fired brass. Brass is lapua.
    All i have done is replicate what i have done before which in my eyes points to the sizing die being set incorrectly.
    My method
    Tumble brass
    Full length size
    Check length and trim if needed then chamfer
    Seat bullet
    Only difference is this time the brass is once fired from another rifle...

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