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    257 Weatherby mag

    Looking for guidance from anyone that has experiance with loading for a 257 Weatherby particularly with 115 grain Nosler.

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    I used Reloader 25 in the 257 WM when I had one . Suggested starting load for Nosler 115's is 68 grains RL 25 for 3068 fps , max load is 72 for 3300 fps . I used the recommended accuracy load listed in Guide No 6 , 70 grains for 3190 fps ( it chronied 3125 average in mine ) and shot well under an inch at 100 yards .

    You can also use Viht N165 if RL 25 is hard to come by in your parts . Starting load is listed at 62 grains for 3034 fps ( also recommended accuracy load ) to a max load of 66 grains , at 3200 fps . I never used Viht 165 , but I have a few friends who swear by it . It would probably be your best choice as it seems to be more available in the UK . Nosler doesn't differentiate between their 115 grain bullets , the above loads are used with the Partition and Ballistic Tips . All loads were developed using Federal 215 primers and a 3.25 inch COAL . As always , start low and work up . I found my 257 shot starting loads a lot better than max loads . A 115 grain at 3100 fps is nothing to sneeze at lol .

    I do have quite a bit of 257 loading data . Drop me a pm with the powders you have access to , I'm sure I have some relevant data . I hope this helps .

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    Quote Originally Posted by alberta boy View Post
    I found my 257 shot starting loads a lot better than max loads . A 115 grain at 3100 fps is nothing to sneeze at lol .AB
    A hunting and reloading pal of mine, now deceased, had a gorgeous Weatherby .257, made by Sauer. He later sold it and kept the matching .300 Weatherby. He found the same thing about accuracy. When he got a deal on a .25-06, he grabbed it, and found the same thing was true for that rifle, but 115-gr Partition was still making 2,900, and plenty lethal. My longer-barreled .257 Roberts is most accurate at about 2,800 fps and the 115 or 117-gr bullets over RL-19 and 4350.

    If the potential for high velocity and accuracy in a lighter bullet is appealing to you, you might look into running the 100-gr Barnes in the .257, or investigate the .264 Winchester.

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    my 257 did not like the 115g noslers but it shoot very good with speer 100g boat tail with 71g /R22 seated at 81 mm 3425 velocity 12mm group at 100m

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    Some of the early Weatherbys had 1:12 and 1:14 rates of twist. For a good while, they have been 1:10, but even at the high speeds of the .25-06 and .257 Weatherby, the heavier and longer bullets may not be the most accurate. 100-grain bullets seem to shoot well in the .250 Savage, .257 Roberts, and .25-06, and there are a lot of really good ones. But the 117-gr RN shoots well in most .257 Roberts at a modest 2,650 fps, and at 2,850 fps, and so do 117-gr BTSPs, so there is more to it than just rifling twist - like powder choice, bullet seating, etc.

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