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Thread: What a pig of a day for a bank holiday

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    What a pig of a day for a bank holiday

    Well got soaked yesterday doing the rounds getting partridge release pens ready and got soaked first thing today checking phezy pens so after doing the pups I went back to bed for two hours
    woke up and it's still wazzing down
    still got 100+ acres of wheat to combine here anyone else with a back log of crops to get off
    what a lovely bank holiday Monday especially if yr a farmer. today wouldn't be a good day to ask for a permission or for anything else for that matter

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    Offering some form of help would work?
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    Not seen my farmer boss for a bit but my mate said his boss was almost rabid as they still had peas to combine still the pigeon shooting will be good

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    I recall commenting to the missus while driving the A55 a few weeks back, "How it seemed a lot of crop had been taken off much earlier this year"
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Hello Doug

    *****, isn't it.

    We still have our wheat to cut. It's only 21 acres but the neighbours that do it still have several days of their own before they get to us. If we don't get it soon it may start to sprout in the ear . We were hoping to get grass seed in later this week but I can't see that happening now. At least I'm only a part time farmer and I can sit here in the dry listening to Pink Floyd doing my day job on the computer and still be earning.


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    Think yourself lucky Jim, got over 200acres of wheat, 50 of beans, and then 120 of linseed to do.
    A bloody combine that doesn't really want to work properly and a grain dryer that still is not functioning properly.
    All the pheasants are out in the standing wheat and beans, on the plus side I'm hoping to get out for a stalk tonight as it's too wet to do anything else.

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    They finished the barley in a break in the weather on Saturday came in at 14%, the contractor has a further 1400 acres to cut including his own. There's still a lot of standing crop around here... I feel for the boys I really do, my best mate has also just had reactors as well so stressful times...
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    We have been finished for over 2 weeks. There are a few advantages to farming in the SE, not many mind.

    The shitty weather wouldn't be so bad if our produce was worth anything......

    I even manged to check the pheasants this morning without getting wet at all

    Hope things improves for you guys further north.

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    Its a lovely day here but it isnt a holiday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Its a lovely day here but it isnt a holiday
    Every days a holiday in new abbey mate can't wait to get back

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