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    electric fence

    Just started releasing my greys,can anyone give me advise as to correct,gaps/tips etc for electric fence,ps only small satellite pens for falconry /peregrine.
    I will be doing a lot of fox lamping once the crops come off,

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    Ideally two strands of electric fence, the first one around maybe 6" off the ground and another a bit higher. You can hang it from the stakes you can buy, or just small wooden stakes in the ground with the screw-in insulators. If the vegetation/grass is that high, you need to get busy with a strimmer. If it's only small pens you needn't go wild buying the most expensive energisers either.

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    Are ur birds still in ur partridge pens? Is that wot ur trying to protect?

    I dinae put electric out round any partridge or pheasant pens and most FT keepers in this area don't either. I wouldnae worry to much and every keeper will have there own 'correct' setting for the line wires, as pedro says above just watch them shorting on veg.
    Ur better to set a couple of snares if ur checking ur birds every day anyway

    It may stop a fox/badger digging into the pens but any u've released will be jugged down on the ground outside/near the pen so won't help them.

    Got most of my greys released now and still holding tight, cracking bird for walked up shooting

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    Same as pedro here 2 strands my small pens are 20-10' don't have to top net tight as a piano wire as it tends to break necks or paralyse when an owl lands on the pen and they bananas
    change yr battery regular

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    Two wires, one 6in off ground other 12in. The more powerful unit you can buy the better and make sure you connect both wires together. Cut or spray off the vegetation below the wires. Connect the earth wire to a 2 or 3 ft metal bar driven into the ground as far as you can get it.
    If its a permanent pen with the pen wire mesh embedded into the ground connect the earth to this as it makes the very best earth.
    How's your end of the gene pool today?

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    An extra "refinement" that works well is to install Spurs off the fence at 90 deg and only 10ft or so, this makes Charlie either jump the elec fence or take a detour away from the pen, my cams have shown this to be quite effective against all but the really determined fox.

    Regards WB

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    if its a partridge pen you could use 3 stands 6,12,18 inches. the short spurs are a good idea
    which I`ve used, don't walk into them though.

    Foxes or badgers will definitely dig under the pen if they get a chance.

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