Can't post in the classifieds yet but (moderators note - this is for the benefit of other forum users not me!) I know where there is a cracking original S/H .22LR Finnfire for sale. Just been in my local gunshop and he's taken in a great looking Finnfire. It's got an excellent stock, full length thicker barrel, moderator and a Leupold scope on top. The forend thickens slightly towards the front and it's a good weight because of the thickish barrel. It looks a corker and if the proposed Northern Ireland RFD 1 for 1 were in place here I'd have chopped in my .22 and walked out with it.
Sadly it isn't so for anyone with authority to acquire a .22 B/A rifle and who must have an original Finnfire it's at Kexby Fieldsports in Lincs. Think the ticket said 675. He has a website with phone no's etc and he's open today.

I do this as a public service to forum members and I confirm I am not in any way connected to the business or owner, but merely a customer.