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Thread: Deer farm fences cut

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    Deer farm fences cut

    Have some new land where I'm going to be putting some more deer on and have had some problems with some of the neighbours as to fencings to high etc I've had letters of the council saying its a change of use (to witch its not as it being agricultural) anyway all that's sorted now ,havent been up for a week as there are currently no deer on there yet until wean the calfs of before the rut going to but all hinds on there and a stag and they ll be wintered outside as there's lots of cover and trees and allot of good grass ,anyway went today and the fence in two places had been cut not all the way just at the bottoms one nearly half way and the other a good way up but what I'm getting to what's the best way to secure it more? Or find out who done it. Is there a cammera or a alarm that can be used remotely on the fences that will text or something when movements detected? I'm not far away but I can't keep an eye on it 24\7 hope can be of help thanks all,

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    If it is an electric fence you could have a phone dialer monitoring the energiser which could be set to notify you of any voltage drop which would happen if fence was cut or grounded.

    An example.........

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    No it's not electric just deer fencing I've no power down there need some sort of gsm camera that will text or call when something picked up

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    I could suggest the trail cams that text you pics if movement is detected but the would either be stolen unless hidden well or up high (if these louts will cut the fence they'll probably pinch your stuff), would pick up movement from the deer themselves so lots of unwanted photos and also depending on how large your fence is, could be many required. Really depends what you are able to afford.

    Is it possible that a sign saying 'CCTV in operation' at points on the fence will act as a deterrent? Probably not if these are true do gooders unfortunately.

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    Cheers looks a good idea but prob need about 4 of them so costly

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    I would be very reluctant to put deer anywhere where you have a neighbourhood dispute like this especially when someone has already shown that they are willing to commit criminal damage. I assume that you have involved the Police and your local FarmWatch scheme?

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    I use trail cams and you can buy them on most sites such as amazon and most Shooting magazines have the different models in the back of them with prices etc. What I'd do is put up 'CCTV in operation' as already said and possibly buy a few cheaper trail cameras, put them up inside your land chained and bolted onto something like a tree. And if you haven't already done so, get the police involved! Once you have pictures show the police and you have proof of criminal damage and trespass. Not only that but you could argue they're putting your lively hood at risk if the deer were to escape or if a large aggressive dog could get in and kill the deer (it happens sadly). Also a 'Danger High Voltage' sign put up can't hurt surely? Good luck, hopefully they back off and you catch them.

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    Reported to the police there going to phone me back hopefully they will do got some signs to put up this week too so see what happens now

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    Try to get one or two of the neighbours on your side talk to them about what you are doing ask them to keep a eye on your stock make them feel important its surprising how a few allies can help.

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