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Thread: Faulty Firefly IR Laser

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    Faulty Firefly IR Laser

    Can anyone advise where to get the IR Laser repaired,the IR just seems to be just emmitting a line and not a spot as previously used when last out
    I have changed the battery and tried adjusting the front screw thread,unfortunatley to no avail, it seems to have gone faulty.


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    I would of thought starlight might be your best bet for the firefly, if they say it's going to cost a few quid I'd be temped to just buy an N1000, I believe these are better than the firefly and are ajustible for power. And at around 120-130 a lot cheaper than the firefly and the firefly is all or nothing.
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    It sounds like your front lens may have come out. If that is the case it is not expensive. I had the same problem. Contact Julian at Starlight. If you use the phone afternoons are better to get him.
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    Thanks for your information I will contact Julian @ starlight and get it repaired


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