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Thread: Sightron s-tac 2.5x17x56 moa illuminated dot reticle

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    Sightron s-tac 2.5x17x56 moa illuminated dot reticle

    As above folks
    A sightron s-tac 2.5x17x56 IR moa scope

    This scope is boxed and has NEVER been mounted on a rifle ,
    How do I know ?
    I bought one when first came out and had bit of trouble not so long ago so sent back to AIM field sports and they have a sent me a new one as replacement, in mean time I bought a nightforce BR scope for what I was doing, so this sightron is surplus to requirements , I'm away from home with work but home couple days I will post pics once I seen it myself!

    They are 800 new plus postage

    700 incl delivery
    Pics to follow in couple days

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