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Thread: Hello Chaps new guy doffing his cap!

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    Hello Chaps new guy doffing his cap!

    Hi, I'm fairly new to shooting FAC rifles. I had a stint with the Royal Marines and had some valuable knowledge instilled of safety/drills etc before entering the world of firearms again. I've had my ticket for approx 18mths now.

    I've been busy acquiring land to shoot over for myself and have approx 2000 acre in total to date, mostly farmland but also a private wood of 30 acre and half a dozen spinneys on the farmland. I have Muntjac on some of these permissions and have shot several using my 22.250 and .243. I picked up a fantastic Sako A1 with a cracking Pecar 4-10 x 45 scope recently in .223 and am looking forward to using that also.

    I've been lurking on the forum for some months now. Generally I enjoy reading the legal issues, and this has helped guide my decisions and prepare my "good reason" when applying for more calibres. To date I have .22lr .17hmr .223 22-250 and .243 and a couple of Shotguns.
    I've done a couple of weekends Roe stalking with a friend and culled some large Reds with him also. I'm intending to book my DSC1 in the near future and get that under my belt and my ticket opened up hopefully.

    Keep wanting to post on threads but have to get this introduction out the way first!

    I believe I already know some of you guys from shooting/RFDs/and down the local!

    There...Done it!
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    Welcome mate, there is plenty of people to here to help you on your way, sounds like your pretty sorted already tho.
    Atb Matt

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    cap off and lifted high... you have found us.
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    Welcome HB!

    I'll look forward to your posts on here, and hope you'll write up some of your adventures for us.

    Happy hunting!
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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