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Thread: Air Rifle

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    Air Rifle

    I'm after a decent air rifle, non FAC just a decent second hand sketch for general plunking e.t.c

    Preferably with a scope and ready to go.

    Anything considered just pm me.


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    Check out any of the airgun forums...... plenty for sale there....


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    Will do now pal just thought it was worth an ask on here.

    Thought somebody might have something lying around

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    I'm trying to sell an S400 for a friend just now. Complete with diving bottle, scope and hard case.

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    VSS has one for sale in the 'Firearms' section - sounds like it would suit as a plinker for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin View Post
    VSS has one for sale in the 'Firearms' section - sounds like it would suit as a plinker for you!

    If you're very small.

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    got a gamo cf20 in 177 full power underlever with old nikko scope 70 pm me if interested

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