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Thread: .17 Hmr recomendations

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    .17 Hmr recomendations

    Looking at possibly buying a .17Hmr ( have slot on ticket ) , any body recommend either of of the following Sako Quad , Browning T bolt or Issc Spa 17 . Your views would be appreciated

    Thanks Dave

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    I have a Sako quad
    rifle is very good, only suggestion would be perhaps look at all the other options before committing to hmr

    ammo is fiercely expensive now
    i don't use my hmr barrel much any more
    wmr replaced it

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    had a andshoots ....... its shot ok but not as well as the price said it should.

    had the sako quad and it shot the same but for less money

    I have had 5 CZ hmrs and funny enough they shoot just as well as the others above.

    I am now on my 6th CZ hmr and guess what .................. it shoots just the same as the 700 andshoots or the 600 sako,

    and as mentioned the price of ammo is silly, I only use mine when I have too, the rest of the time I use my 20 tactical.

    cracking little calibre but the price of ammo and the issues that some have had with the ammo has seen them fall far below every ones expectations and until they bring out a calibre that has the same results then we will have to pay these gready shops the price they ask for the ammo,


    soap box back under the bed,
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    Not wanting to put you off but i got rid of my .17hmr setup..cz452 style and went for .223..i was just un happy about the ammo problems .... split necks etc.
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    i recomend you don't buy one.i also recomend 17 hornet

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    If you're not a reloader there aren't many other options if the price of ammo bothers you. Rimfire wise, WMR a better choice if you're likely to encounter more than the occasional close range fox but I still rate the HMR as a bulk rabbit shooting round. Its an excellent stopper to 150 yards, accurate, the flattest and easiest rimfire to shoot. I've found my rifle needs a fairly exact cleaning routine - a thorough clean every 100 rounds. Stick to that and its extremely accurate and never changes zero or needs shooting in. Fortunately my rifle likes Winchester ammo and I've had no issues with dry fires and dud rounds.

    If I was reloading I'd think seriously about changing to a .17 Hornet (or buying a newer replacement for my ageing and much loved .222). But I don't reload and I'm not keen on Savage or CZ rifles so as it is I'm happy the HMR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by triggersqueezer View Post
    i recomend you don't buy one.i also recomend 17 hornet
    Only forget the hornet and get a 204 ruger

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    Hmr. The contentious calibre. My last lot of ammo was giving me 10% damp squibs. Drove me up the wall. Last batch of 500 bought has been faultless, not 1 issue. Long may it continue.

    right. T-bolt. Heavy trigger and bullets can be ejected from the chamber when the safety is on. If it catches on your clothing for example. I had one, now I don't.
    Positive things about it. Super 10 shot magazine that sits flush in the rifle and a spare in the stock. Great. However don't rest the rifle out a truck on the magazine or it will not reload.
    it is also the lightest hmr out there. Decide yourself if that is good or bad.
    Cant tell,you about the others as I'm left handed and replaced mine with a cz. Which is nicely accurate and indistructable and maybe be a bit agricultural and you can get 10 shot magazines for it.
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    Handle a few rifles and pick the one that suits you best. They'll all shoot well. I didn't know about the the loading and ejection issues with the T bolt. That would put me off, but I didn't like the feel of them anyway. Too small and slender for me.
    I've got a Weihrauch HW60. Excellent rifle with high quality build and finish and one of the best triggers in the business. However customer service backup from Weihrauch is completely non-existent. If you haven't bought through the official UK importer and something breaks or is lost you are an untouchable and you're on your own. The factory will have nothing to do with you. I have had two magazines disintegrate and the ejector spring is too weak. You need to cycle the bolt vigorously or the empty cartridge will not be thrown clear and will just lie on top of the next round causing a jam. Apparently these problems are my fault for not buying through the official importer (I didn't know at the time that I hadn't.) But the rifle is still a Weihrauch, made in the same factory and is exactly the same as all the others. Its all very political and for this reason I wouldn't buy another Weihrauch. A pity, because apart from some minor niggles which ought to be easy fixes, they are terrific rifles.

    CZs are accurate, tough and excellent value and justifiable popular. But they have an agricultural feel and the finish isn't particularly good IMO - though it has improved a lot in recent years.
    Anshutz are great rifles but you pay a premium for the name. Sako likewise, but high quality guns if a little plain. A Sako would be my choice if I had my time again.
    Don't know much about the Rugers but owners seem to like them.
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    I have had an Anschutz 17/17 for several years now. Highly accurate and an all round brilliant rife. After several thousand round I had one "fizzer" but all was well. I don't think this model is imported any more as I understand most go to the States. However there was one of Guntrader a while back and if you ever got the chance of one I'd grab it.

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