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Thread: Sound Moderator - ASE CQB or Compact for 22-250.

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    Sound Moderator - ASE CQB or Compact for 22-250.

    Hi Guys,

    As the title suggests I am looking for a secondhand sound moderator for my 22-250, I would prefer an ASE Ultra compact or CQB if at all possible, what do you have available with a low shot count ???

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    contact Mr Badge on here about one of his titanium ones....
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    Not sure but I think CQB's are only rated up to 223. Would check first.

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    I will have one for sale when my licence comes back from renual, if you can wait a couple of months, mine is on Sako varmint 22.250, 18X1 thread.cheers

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    Thread size would help ? I have a 1/2 unf to sell

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    Thread size would help ? I have a 1/2 unf to sell
    The mod will be going onto a rebarreled rifle that is currently with the gunsmith, so the thread can be made to suit the mod. The barrel profile is going to be med varmint, so somewhere in the region 5/8" would be ideal.

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