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Thread: Browning B325 o/u 28" fixed choke

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    Browning B325 o/u 28" fixed choke

    Good condition for age, recently serviced and had new springs fitted, so nice tight action. Ejectors where also serviced, so all is good and firm. Woodwork is in good condition, with couple of minor scratches. Forend has a small chip on lip, but overall a superb gun. 28” barrels and fixed choke. Used for clays. The only reason for selling is because I bought a new Beretta and the wife is giving me stick to get rid of some of my shotguns. Otherwise I would keep this one, its a real beaut. £650 – collection from near Reading, Berkshire. Have loads more pictures, please send me a pm if you want to view.

    Attachment 60721Attachment 60731Attachment 60730Attachment 60729Attachment 60728Attachment 60727Attachment 60726Attachment 60725Attachment 60724Attachment 60723Attachment 60722Attachment 60732
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    This is a sporter version
    The top barrel marking has a *- (full)
    The bottom barrel is marked with **- (I.C)
    looking at some online information this denotes:
    Modified (Over)/Improved Cylinder (Under), or Full (Over)/Mod. (Under).
    The barrels will be marked with asterisks (*) at the rear of the monobloc on each barrel.
    A single * =Full,
    ** =Mod. and
    **- =I.C.

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    “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.” - Jose Ortega y Gasset

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    12G - thank you for pointing out, I missed the most obvious descriptor...... In the words of a Homer (doh)

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    Price drop - £650
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    nice shotgun for that price good luck with the sale.

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    Price Drop - £625

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    Had this evaluated by gunshop, the selling price is getting pretty close to the trade price. I was told they would resell this at £845....

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    Priced to go at £600 + RFD (was quoted £25) - grab a bargain for a beaut of a shotgun
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