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Thread: .22 LR subsonic and .22 Short

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    .22 LR subsonic and .22 Short

    I see a lot of the UK rabbit hunters liking subsonic .22 LR ammunition, like the Winchester 40-gr, the Eley, and RWS.

    I don't see any mention of .22 Long and .22 Short, even as substitutes when favored ammo is out of stock. I have used .22 Short HP ever since I was a boy, because they are much quieter than high speed Long Rifles, at about the same velocity (1,120 fps ), as the Subsonic LRs. So I am just curious if they are used for hunting in the UK.

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    Never used hem myself, but pretty much everyone I know who has hasn't had very good accuracy from them.

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    i like .22 shorts but you i cannot find any.

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    Over the years I've used .22 shorts, longs, shot, CB caps and the tiny little BB caps. They really aren't very popular over here now for several reasons.

    There's not the culture of the young lads single shot .22 rimfire rifle here in the UK. A youngster might start with a youths air rifle then progress to a full size air rifle then on to a .22 rimfire but that quite a big step involving applying for a firearm certificate which is quite an involved and strictly controlled process.

    Once cleared for a .22 rimfire the normal choice would be a magazine fed bolt action rifle that will normally only feed .22LR from the magazine or a semi-auto which will again only feed .22LR from the magazine. Having a plinking session with a few mates with an old pump action .22 with a tube magazine loaded with what ever was at hand is not really practical in the UK now unfortunately.

    Most .22 rimfires used for pest control are used with a moderator and to get any benefit from a moderator, subsonic ammunition is used. There are time when low powered shorts might be handy but not many that can't be carried out with a good air rifle.

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    Good answer, 1066.
    As you surmise, most of us older hunters, in the US or UK, cut our teeth on single shot bolt action rifles. The Savage autoloaders, the pumps, and most lever actions, will handle a mix of .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle.

    I use the .22 Short HP in my revolvers and rifles for pigeons, rats, and squirrels where the shots are inside 50 yards, because they are quiet, being just 100 fps faster than the subsonic LR.

    What brought this to mind was seeing a box of 100 CCI .22 Short HP yesterday for $7.00, and snapping them up. Finding subsonic .22 LR right now is difficult. So many SD shooters are having good accuracy from the Winchester, that I want to try them in my .22s.

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    Usual problem with 22 Short and Long is that accuracy falls off after 25m.

    I had same problem recently when testing CCI Quiet Segmented HP (friend gave me a box to try). The problem was vertical stringing (didn't measure velocity but I suspect velocity variation) when short/long group badly also horizontally.

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    CCI ( or other ) .22 Short Target rounds will be slower (870 fps), but accurate, as they are made for 25 Meter ISU rapid fire pistol competition. I could get a 1-inch group ( one hand, not a rest) from my High Standard and my FAS. In my longer barrel rifles, like my Enfield trainer, they are as quiet as a BB gun.

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    Bruce Potts did an article ( Shooting Times?) on this very subject, i think I have a copy on file, if i can dig it out i will pdf and post.


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    How about the CCI Quiet-22 LR rounds? I saw some of those yesterday - same price and velocity as the .22 Short Target.

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    My guess is that rounds with regular(ish) 40 grain(ish) bullet have better accuracy potential at, say 50m than 29gr.

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