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Thread: Big Game Theory Radio 4

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    Big Game Theory Radio 4

    Just been listening to an "investigative" programme on African wildlife conservation, generated obviously by the Cecil story. Amazingly the reporting was fair and balanced, and the conclusion was that a blanket ban on trophy hunting may not be in the best interest of the African lion. The interrelation of hunting and conservation was well explained. Did anyone else hear the programme? And do they agree with my interpretation?

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    Yes, I was waiting to collect the boys from an activity & had 15 minutes to wait & caught some of it; I was very pleasantly surprised too.

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    Yes, possibly the best bit of journalism on the topic I've ever heard.
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    I continue to afford the BBC, and Radios 4, 3 and the World Service in particular, every credit for being both an educational and balanced Public Service Broadcasting Corporation.

    Didn't hear the programme but I doubt you are wrong in your take.

    We need to do far more to protect the future of the BBC and the independence thereof. Period.

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    struggled to locate it but found it in the end....

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    I'm not altogether convinced of the BBC's total impartiality. I know that to make good programmes you do need this and I do know that they often strive to depict things fairly and I'm sure they will have a policy covering this that should be followed. However some of their employees somewhat often go just a tad off piste.

    But I do agree that the BBC does need to be protected. They produce some fantastic TV (and radio) that the other channels can only dream of. I watched a quasi-documentary yesterday on ITV that was fronted by Ellie Harrison and was about the dinosaurs that roamed the British Isles. It swung from interesting documentary to Jurassic Park type sketches where Ms. Harrison suddenly stopped spouting information or interviewing boffins, looked concernedly into the distance where a CGI dinosaur was strolling along the banks of the Thames or careering through the Natural History Museum and everyone had to leg it. I had to turn off eventually. Even the delightful Ellie wasn't at her best, although much loved by some on here, she wasn't quite ready for her close-ups and her roots were definitely showing. The BBC wouldn't produce such tosh.

    Anyway, I'm rabbiting on and I digress from the point of this thread, so I'll apologise and stop now.

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    Yes I listened to it and it seemed pretty balanced for once it was quite an informative piece, the caged hunted lions section was quite an eye opener so must be shocking for the general public.


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