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Thread: Mazda BT50

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    Mazda BT50

    Right guys, I'm in the market for a pick-up to replace my jimny as I need something with 5 seats for my impending second child. I've settled on a pick-up due to the space I require, a bit off off roading and importantly the ability to seperate the dog, dead deer and other messy bits from the cabin and the wife and kids.

    I've seen a nice looking Mazda BT50 on an '08 plate near me that has only 40k on the clock, FSH and one owner. Apparently it was bought as a shooting wagon by a relatively well off guy but he rarely used it so has spent most of its time parked up outside (this was confirmed by the presence of an old birds nest between the bumper and radiator!). The bodywork is in very good condition with hardly a mark on it but a little rust bubble under the passenger door handle and a few spots of surface rust on some of the chasis parts.

    Whilst I'm a fairly competent mechanic I do have a tendency to get a bit over excited when looking at new cars so I thought I'd ask on here if anyone has any experience of the Mazdas (pretty much a Ford Ranger underneath) and also anything important to look out for on a car that has covered so few miles over such a time. I've not been out for a test ride yet as wanted to go armed with a list of questions and things to look for so thought best to ask here first to add to the list I already have.

    It is up for 9995 but has been on the forecort (garage selling it on behalf of the owner for a commission) for a while and so I'm pretty sure there is a fair bit of negotiating to be had. It's got almost new BF Goodrich AT tyres and a Truckman top and load liner. Interior looks in good nick and the rear seats look unused.

    Cheers for any advice.

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    As you state they are mostly a ford ranger

    which are pretty good / reliable

    if I was spending nearly 10k I'd buy a hilux because after you've kept the Mazda 5 years it'll be 12 years old and with a couple of grand whereas the Toyota will probably still fetch 5k-6k at a guess

    i dont think mileage is the big issue like it use to be 100k miles isn't regarded as being worn out

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    A big plus for the Mazda if you are using it more as a family vehicle will be the isofix fixing points in the rear.

    Unfortunately Toyota have yet to do this and I find it a pain with putting in and taking out child seats.

    If you do decide to look at a Hilux beware that the Mk6 and mk7 models are not in the same build league as a mk5( up to 2005)

    Lots of helpful info in Hilux Pickup Owners Club

    I have recently had to replace the sump on my 2006 Hilux due to corrosion and the sump beginning to constantly seap and leak oil! At nearly 900 at a garage this was not a pleasant experience! Toyota wanted more than 1100!!!

    As previously stated though the Toyota will retain value well.

    I find the practicalities of a double cab pick up brilliant for having an all in one vehicle and my 2.5 Hilux averages 33mpg regardless of how I drive it.

    Good luck



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    It will be predominantly a family vehicle but also used daily for taking to dog out and weekly for stalking so the isofix is a good plus I didn't realise.

    I do like the hiluxs and I know the residule value stays well and that is a good point but means stretching the amount I have to spend so wouldn't have any spare money for the next couple of years if anything went wrong etc.

    I'm going to have a look and then will see what state it is actually in and how much I will offer and go from there.

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    Dunnoe what others think ?
    And I'm probably wrong but I thought 10k for a Mazda bt50 of that year a bit steep ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    Dunnoe what others think ?
    And I'm probably wrong but I thought 10k for a Mazda bt50 of that year a bit steep ?

    I agree which is why I'm going to check it in detail and will be offering a fair bit less than that. I'm not desperate for this one but it is less than 5 mins from my ouse which makes things a little easier.

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    That does make things more attractive if it's Saving a long run .

    My father has an 07 plate ranger , Mazda engine I believe , loves it , hasn't been worked hard , but head gasket gone & I believe from mechanic pals that they are a total pain to do , a few local garages won't take them on .


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    Ive been driving a BT50, 08 plate, work and shooting, from almost new. I like it. Very comfortable, reasonable economy and powerful. Had no issues with it at all until 3 weeks ago when the head gasket went ! It came back with the engine management light permanently on which im told is a sensor fault. This has dented my enthusiasm but wouldn't stop me getting another provided it was a good deal.

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    Is the head gasket issue related to overheating or something else than can be mitigated with a preemptive cure? Better cooling etc?

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    Selling my ford ranger 3lt Wildtrack FSH 2008 nr mint inside vg outside has copper AT3 fitted , A 240 volt inverter fitted plus 12v to rear buck and truckman type on back also have the factory air deck armadillo ,

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