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Thread: Logun Mark 2 Carbine Professional swap

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    Logun Mark 2 Carbine Professional swap


    Bit of a long shot (excuse the pun). I have a really nice Logun Mark 2 Professional Carbine, RH in .22. With 3-10x50 Simmons Whitetail Classic Scope, mod and Logun gun slip. Just had a full seal kit service. Superbly accurate. Just wanted to know if there was anyone out there that had a Falcon FN12 Lighthunter with the Falcon moderator on that would be prepared to do a straight swap?

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    Sounds like a cunning attempt to circumnavigate the 30 posts classifieds rule to me...... Good luck!
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    Sorry. Im lost on that one. Have I broken a rule?

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    30 post minimum to advertise on here m8,its to stop traders and such selling and doing a runner on people.not malicious ,just a precaution
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    Cheers. Didnt realise. Thanks for the info.

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