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Thread: .17 Super Magnum

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    .17 Super Magnum

    Is the .17 Super Magnum making any kind of a splash over there? As soon a decent gun is being made for it, I will get in line. The current Savage rifle (B-Mag) made for it is not getting very good reviews. Anyone know of other rifles being chambered for it?

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    I spoke to the Winchester rep at the British Shooting Show in February this year and he said the 17WSM would not be coming to UK any time soon, or more likely not ever.
    None of the European gun makers have any plans to produce rifles in the calibre because it would require a completely new design.
    The chamber pressures are too high to allow their existing rimfire actions to be modified.
    I'd love to see it over here, but no one thinks that they can make any money from selling rifles chambered for it.



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    That's too bad. Guess that's why I'm not seeing rifles for it over here. Lot' of ammo being made for it though, perhaps something is coming down the pike. The Savage B mag is just too cheesy for me. A perfect sage rat round.

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    Haven't seen too many good things written about the Savage B mag.
    The Winchester low wall is stupid money, but I seem to remember that Ruger and/or Volquartsen? were going to make a rifle in 17WSM.



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    The ammo I've shot was really horrible and gave nowhere near the speeds they claim.~Muir

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