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Thread: CZ527 0.223 mag feed issues

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    CZ527 0.223 mag feed issues

    Hi All

    Recently purchased a secondhand CZ 0.223 varmint which over all I am very pleased with however I am having issues with the odd round not feeding well from the mag. Some rounds feed fine then the odd one binds in the chamber, the round gets free of the mag jaws but gets stuck 3/4 of the way in. The issue is not specific to any bullet / brand and is very frustrating, if I single feed the rounds they chamber fine but that's less than ideal.

    My thoughts are the rounds are either being offered at the wrong angle or they are not being pushed up into the claw on the bolt face sufficiently so the bolt is pushing them in on an angle, anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts?

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    My 2013 model Cz 223 had the same issue from new, have you tried loading 3 or 5 unfired rounds and hand ejecting using a pen end/ lighter base?. My mag had a tight spot at the rear bottom corner, wedging the base of the cartridge causing the bolt to either skim over or jam at a 45' angle, (mine also worked fine on a single feed). Regards. D.

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    Take the mag out and get some empty cases, load and feed them out by hand repeatedly when you are sitting doing nothing, watching TV and stuff and look out for any spots that start to polish because there is a high spot there. This might be just enough to solve the problem. If not strip it down and polish out the high spot.


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    Thanks for the replies, the mag does scratch the brass terribly, have polished the mag jaws with sandpaper but only at the front sounds like I need to look a the rear too as I think the issue is the bolt isn't picking the rim up as it should.

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    Have you dismantled the mag. I had trouble with a mag for a titan 3 in 22.250 not always picking up the rounds . Took it a part and the base of the mag had a recess in it for the spring . The spring was sitting up on top of it when it should have been clipped into it . now it never fails to load. Bought the rifle 2nd hand
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