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Thread: 87 gr V max in 6mm .243

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    Unhappy 87 gr V max in 6mm .243

    I recently purchased some Hornady 87 V-max for my .243. Upon seating the bullets with seating die to find the lands and the OAL from the Ogive I noticed a ogive variation of up to .005. (using bullet comparator) Started to measure them and weight and measuring just the bullets from base to ogive and sure enough..... .005 variation from base to ogive and plus or minus 0.7 grains in weight.
    Is this common?
    Needless to say, they didn't shoot very well. Is it them or me?
    Anyone have any luck with these bullets??
    I had them just touching 20 thou off the lands. In a tikka T3 light using H4350 starting at 41 grains to 43 in 0.5 grain increments
    any help welcome as yet again this reloading malarkey is cooking my head.

    or am I just over thinking it?....

    All the best Ldm

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    I use the 55gr in my 223 and they are always very accurate. I have never checked them for weight consistency. I am making some rounds today so I will have a look out of interest. Are they shooting good groups?

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    I use them in my .243 Howa 1500 with Varget and when I rezeroed my scope 2 weeks ago they were cloverleafing at 100yds in fact they more accurate than the shooter. I load mine at approx 10 thou off lands. I tend only to load 20 at a time and measure them all rarely more than a couple of thou out use a hornday bullet comparator on my vernier calipres and thus measured of the O give. Can't recall powder weight at momment. i will weigh a selection of my 87 v max and post results.


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    Yes I have come across this with Vmax and Amax
    both shoot well , and I think you will only get very good size/weight constancy it top class target bullets

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    Hornady are renoun for the inconsistantsys that you say about, however, they should still group well

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    Im using 87 vmax in my howa 243 and I had some trouble with them being fussy on seating depth but i got a great load using 37 grn of reloader 15 at 2.700 and i clovers at 100 yards but i had a bit of trouble finding the right seating depth though but it was well worth it

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    42.5 grains. Don't worry about the lands. Should shoot sub moa.
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