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Thread: CZ527 in calibre .223 Exclusive Ebony Edition

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    CZ527 in calibre .223 Exclusive Ebony Edition


    Hi folks,
    I have for sale the Exclusive Ebony Edition which you’ll see from the pictures is the top of the range walnut model with the distinctive hammer forged barrel.
    I bought it for woodland roe stalking in which it excels – close quarters, light and fast handling.

    I’ve only fed a total of 97 rounds through it (i keep a log), it’ll easily shoot a clover leaf and as you can see both the metal work and stock are in excellent condition. The only marks are 2 on the forestock where the bipod was fixed (pictured below).

    I’ve joined a syndicate which will allow a minimum of a .243 and my .308 is too heavy for woodland stalking, so it has to go.

    I’ll throw in a set of Warne 1” scope rings, 50-80 quality bullets (heads) and the brass for 420 ONO . The cheapest i’ve seen this rifle new in the UK is 850
    I’m based in Scotland – 30mins south of Glasgow

    I’ve attached the CZ blurb below:
    The CZ 527 Exclusive represents a new generation of exclusive rifles made by CZ. The stock and pistol grip are of modern style made of luxury walnut tipped with ebony wood. The floating barrel made by the cold hammer forging technique is the key to long service life and outstanding accuracy. Barrel’s beautifully facetted external surface is formed in the course of hammer forging process. The jewelled bolt has been polished to perfection providing extremely smooth operation. The magazine having a 3 round capacity is flush with the stock.

    Typical features:
    The CZ 527 is a true micro length Mauser style action, featuring controlled feeding of the cartridge, a detachable magazine and a hammer forged barrel. The trigger mechanism is of a single set design with an adjustable set trigger, on special order a single stage trigger can be supplied. The trigger itself is adjustable for pull weight and trigger travel. The two-position safety positively secures the rifle against unintentional discharge while simultaneously blocking the bolt in a closed position. The top of the receiver has milled dovetail grooves 16 mm wide to accommodate scope mounts.

    CZ 527
    • True micro length action
    • Controlled feeding of cartridge
    • Hammer forged barrel
    • Single set trigger
    • High degree of accuracy, reliability and long service life

    Technical Data
    Calibre (detachable magazine) ..223 Rem.
    Magazine Capacity (DM) 3
    Stock walnut
    Trigger mechanism operation single set trigger
    Sights no sights
    Overall length 1025 mm
    Barrel length 555 mm
    Height 180 mm
    Width 77 mm
    Weight 2,7 kg
    Barrel hammer forged
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    I have one of these and they are a very nice and accurate rifle. I find the rifle is a bit of head turner and when you tell people it's a CZ they always look surprised! The single set trigger is very nice aswell.
    (I "ruined" mine by having it screwcut)

    Off to stroke mine now


    p.s. If the buyer doesn't want the mounts I'll have them off you.

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    Doh! Forgot to add the reloading dies too.

    I'll throw in the Lee (3 piece) reloading dies set with the package - no longer any use to me.

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    SOLD pending completion of paperwork, transfer, etc.

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    Thanks scotgun will kepp intouch mate and easy doing buisness.

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