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Thread: K&m precision arbor press brand new in box!

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    K&m precision arbor press brand new in box!

    The rugged press is used with hand dies at your home loading bench and at the range. Doesn’t need to be clamped to the bench – the toggle link/crankshift design makes it an exceptionally smooth tool to “feel” the work being done, which is important when seating bullets. The RAM rides in Oilite Bronze Bushings.
    Sized to fit in your loading box (Base – 3.75″ x 5″; Height – 11″). The height, from ram to base, is adjustable from 2.9″ to 6.2″ with a .900″ minimum stroke.
    NOTE: To adjust head height, loosen (4) screws on back of column.
    Press is brand new unused in the box £85 posted!
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