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    I have posted without doing a intro. May the Lord have mercy on my soul. Should have been Robkayak, but hit the wrong key & now I am stuck with it(RODkayak). I assure you that I am not a blue movie star however.
    I have only shot about 60 deer. Fallow, Sikka & reds in Northern Ireland. I have shot Roe & Muntjac in England & Reds in Scotland on Aran. I have the DSC 1. I have had a 308, 25-06 & now a 6.5x55 Tikka T3 S varmint. I have a 6.5x55, 223 LTR Rem, XIV Anshultz 22rf. 0.75 Brown Bess, .45 Ruger Old Army BP revolver.Berretta Extrema 2, Berretta 682 12 bore SG.
    I reload & target shoot. Live in Wales on a farm.Work as a GP in Swansea and am re establishing my stalking.
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    Welcome. The link you asked for about lead contamination I cannot point you to the link as the article is in the BDS magazine. However if you PM me your details I will photocopy the article and post it to you.



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