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Thread: Bare necked buck

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    Bare necked buck

    Last night I grassed a 10 month old yearling buck, he was pretty skinny (24lb clean) but the main thing I noted was that his neck was almost completely bald. Thinking that it could be a parasite thing, I really went to town on an external check but all I found was about half a dozen ticks in the groin, no keds, no lice and the skin on the neck looked fine, not mangy or scabby. He certainly seemed healthy though, normal behaviour, all the internal organs were clear (apart from the heart/lungs) but he was carrying no condition at all, not even a white smear on the kidneys.

    Do deer get mange? Any ideas what could cause the baldness?

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    Did you check out this thread: No real answers, but some interesting observations.

    Also this earlier investigation by morena:

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    Cheers willie

    Note to self - Must use search function

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    At this time of year roe deer change there coats unlike the change from summer to winter which seems to just happen. The winter to summer is a differnt afair and this means thay can loose there winter coat before they get there summer one leaveing them looking very scruffy indeed AND BALD IN PLACES. While they do get mange this is probable not the reaSon or you would have noticed reddening around the effected area. That deer would have been a very nice animal i am sure if he had been left a few more weeks. But apart from getting the hairs off him when he gets skined he will taste just fine .PS 24 POUND CLEAN FOR A 10-11 MONTH OLD IS A GOOD BODY WEIGHT.

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    I have found the baldness thing in munties of late.I just wondered if it was because of the harsher winter giving them a heavier winter coat than usual which in turn has affected the change from winter to summer

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