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Thread: Land Rover Alarm Fob

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    Land Rover Alarm Fob

    I've an estate Defender, 2 years old Half county spec. With the key come an alarm fob. It's right royal pain in the eras!! Being on the same ring as the key I'm always pressing the "set" button unintentionally, the alarms goes off when you don't want it to leaving looking a right tit!! The other day I lost the rag with it, took the fob off the key ring, left the fob in the Land Rover, put my keys in my pocket and feeling a smug, went about things for the morning. Getting back, put the key in the ignition, turned the key, the engine turned over.......then died!! Again, the same thing, I set and unset the feckin alarm and it started no problem!! bugger!!! Is there any way around this? Or must I put up with them being carried together?

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    Sounds like an alarm and immobilizer - but being a land rover, don't sweat it - it'll be broken shortly.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JockStalk View Post
    Sounds like an alarm and immobilizer - but being a land rover, don't sweat it - it'll be broken shortly.
    Aye!!!! I wish it would break, 17500 miles and already had front hub, bushes and stealing Collum replaced! I never thought of an immobiliser, phoned and asked the garage if there was something I could do, no help!!!

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    land rover forum time m8,theyl be some other victim of this technology with an answer.i always go on the forums when my cars have issues.just dont read the common faults section otherwise youl be part exing it this weekend
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    If you don't have the fob next to the steering column it will not start. It has a passive immobiliser around the ign. lock.
    Thats why it started ok after pressing the fob.
    Try using two key rings so the fob is lower than the key a little but still close enough to the ign. barrel.


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