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Thread: Sportdog stealth-s locator?

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    Sportdog stealth-s locator?

    Anybody got any experience of the above tracking collar?
    I looking at a collar for a teckel, to use when I take her driving foxes, following up deer etc. I may only use the collar several times a year so therefor can't justify spending hundreds. These ones are on eBay for £115
    terrain I work is Welsh valleys with big forestry, can anybody with more knowledge than myself tell me if this system would be any good for me
    many thanks

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    Hi dizzy I looked in to the stealth collars and as its a radio frequency there not that good on dence cover thick forestry and the likes . And they have actually stopped making them . I work four at the same time and can't decide between the sport dog tek 1 and the garmin and I don't know how much you have to pay for the maps yet maybe someone else can let me know . There is one called the marco polo that I believe is ok but that's radio also . Hope that helps . Ian

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    Sorry just noticed predictive text didn't mean the D

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    Hi ian
    thanks for reply. I might just try it any way, as I say I might only use it a couple of times a year so can't justify spending hundreds. I also found some German reports on it, some were quite encouraging.
    Maybe when I have a full teckel pack I will have to get the real deal.

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