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    Bergara B14

    On the hunt for a .308 and came across Bergara. I had short-listed a few including the Tikka T3 varmint but looking the the Bergara, it seems to use a decent action and barrel, not what you'd normally expect at that budget. Value-wise, it hits the spot too. I'll be looking for mixed target/stalking use but am not interested in re-mortgaging for a top of the line European rifle nor buying budget American. The Tikka was at the top of my list until I saw the Begara. Anyone had any direct experience of these, and can offer some feedback from a quality and use perspective? I'll be replacing my vermin control rifle with Tikka .223, so that's sorted, it's just the 308 to source.

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    Chester why not use the search facility and see what others have recently said about the rifle in particular Mike Norris of Brock and Norris. I would certainly be tempted to pop up to Telford to have a look at one.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Apologies...I see there has been a recent thread on them. Yes, looks well worth a visit to look at one. Sounds like a promising rifle.

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