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Thread: Custom stalking rifle in 7mm-08 AI built by Dave Tooley...

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    Custom stalking rifle in 7mm-08 AI built by Dave Tooley...

    OK, I know I said I'd keep it, but just in case anyone wants to buy themselves a Christmas present...

    For sale is a custom stalking rifle built by Dave Tooley of North Carolina in 7mm-08 Ackley Improved calibre. It is base on a “trued and blued” Remington short action which is a floor-plate model (i.e. non-detachable magazine). The bolt has been fluted and a Sako extractor fitted.
    The trigger is a Jewell unit, currently set at about 2lb with a Remington top safety. Obviously the trigger weight is adjustable.

    The barrel is a 23 inch Kreiger #5 profile; this is described on the Kreiger web site as a “Bull Sporter” barrel. It is fluted, has a recessed crown and a standard 1-in-9 twist. The barrel is threaded for a moderator ( inch UNF) and there is a thread protector fitted.

    The action has been pillar-bedded into a McMillan Hunter stock in dark green/grey camouflage pattern.

    This rifle is very accurate (sub-MoA if you do your bit!) and in excellent condition. The original owner told me that the first 100 rounds were for fire forming & barrel break in; the barrel was broken in using the Sinclair method so is very easy to clean. I've attached a group I fired on a range which shows what it can do. Although chambered in 7mm-08 Ackley Improved, it will shoot standard 7mm-08 with a perfectly adequate degree of accuracy if necessary.

    The rifle and scope weigh around 6.5lb (just under 3kg).

    The rifle comes with:

    • All fire formed AI brass, new brass (standard 7mm-08) + whatever loaded ammunition and bullets I have at the time of sale. The brass is Remington head-stamped.
    • A set of Redding competition dies (standard and bushing, with 0.309“ bush) and Wilson seater die (this seats the bullet very accurately, but you need an arbor press - or a soft-faced mallet - to use it. A standard 7mm-08 seating die will work fine).

    Asking 1050.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC06060.resized.JPG   DSC06057.resized.JPG   DSC06070.resized.JPG   DSC06069.resized.JPG   DSC06063.resized.JPG  

    DSC06064.resized.JPG   DSC06062.resized.JPG   DSC06068.resized.JPG   DSC06067.resized.JPG   DSC06066.resized.JPG  

    DSC06065.resized.JPG   Tooley 7mm-08 group.jpg  
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    Seeing as its one of Dave's creations I will bump it up.....Tooley makes tools......not to be confused for others...good luck it should shift no problem !
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    Nice good luck with the sale a loverly calibre
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    remmy700, 1967spud

    Thank you for those words of encouragement!

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