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Thread: Nearly past it.

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    Nearly past it.

    I posted a few weeks ago and didn't give an intro'. So here goes?
    I shoot .22, 222, 243. Shotgun. I'm mainly a stalker, however my main quarry are roe deer. I've never shot any other species in all my old years.
    My main passion really was training my gun dogs. I've judged field trials and had some minor success when running my spaniels.
    Paws going to give up shooting this year when my cert was due in November. My pal convinced me to have another 5 years. Ok I thought. Fate then played a hand and my old faithful 243 safety packed in. My gunsmith condemned the rifle. I applied for a variation with GMP 6 weeks ago! I've been told today it will be at least 3 months when I phoned them. I was surprised to be told it would be 3 months. Anyway it's my age I digress. I am glad I havent given in fact it's made me more determined to carry on. What's happend when sportsmen become a hostage to the criminal!!!! My past time and stalking is on hold through no fault of mine, other than to remain a law abiding citizen.. A Lancashire stalker.

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    Welcome mate and good intro,

    keep at it mate, I'm with Gmp and they are usually bang on but they had a shake up recently due to a few getting FACS etc when they had dubious pasts( or something like that) if you can keep going do so.Can you not get nearer to your intending spots by 4x4 etc and sit in a hide seat??

    im a newbie to stalking ( shot rifles and shotgun etc from age 9)I've only done 11 stalks in 12 months, and just completed my DSC1 and am registered for DSC2, your years of experience are why newbies like me join the site,

    im sure your input will be greatly appreciated


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    +1 on the welcome it is a very good site and I'm sure you'll get plenty of information,entertainment and maybe make some no mates I certainly have and not to rub salt in your wounds but Suffolk Police took just under 48 hours for my 22/250 variation they are a bunch of good uns, welcome again bazil

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Spaniel, some cracking people on here and i used to shoot over 30 odd years ago and just came back to it over past 6 years, I have a wee english springer that i am training for picking up and hopefully some Deer work, Enjoy!

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    Great to hear you going to stick at it,and welcome to the site

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